When failure is not an option

People, performance,  profit and even preservation of planet. Depending on your organisation’s goal each of these may be the intent of your strategy and the projects that are to make it so.

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Inspiration for Insights 2012 the cover

IT projects are critical to business survival. Yet we tolerate failure in project delivery and results – 93% of projects fail at some level. 60% by a little, 33% by a lot. (Oxford University)

  • What must you, the senior executive or project manager, do to turn this statistic around?
  • Do some of your projects disappoint or even fail?
  • Would you like to lift your success rates? Add 20% to your project ROI?
  • How would it benefit you and your business if you could identify those projects that are likely to fail early?
  • Are you curious why with all the hard work, projects so rarely succeed?

Any improvement in the 93% failure rate directly improves your reputation and your company’s bottom line. In the Success Healthcheck’s 8 Fold Path to Success, Flinn provides diagnostics, processes and methods to help you spot potential failure before it becomes the type of problem that costs big money. It helps you focus on what it takes to go beyond simply not failing, into truly succeeding.

On the $10,000 project, this practical book provides focus. On the $100 million projects, these methods have saved $30,000,000 and improved results by up to 20%.

Be warned! This book is written in plain English, contains humor and requires courage. It reflects the real world of projects and life!

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The paperback edition of the Success Healthcheck was published by Wiley June 2010.