• “With this book JA addresses a highly relevant issue at a time when capital expenditures receive extraordinary scrutiny . In a simple no nonsense style she introduces a structured, yet simple, approach to project management and assessment using cases and real life examples, all with the purpose of improving ROI on IT projects. A must-read for any business sponsor – no project manager should be without it.”
    Peter Seidel, CFO, EAC Industrial Ingredients
  • ” An insightful and motivating collection of practical strategies and functional considerations for every CIO and Functional Manager who has IT responsibilities.”
    ~ Professor Brian To ~ HEC Paris
  • Given the track record of IT project delivery, it is refreshing to read a book that goes well beyond the usual platitudes to provide practical, fact-based advice on how improve the probability of project success. JA’s book places IT projects within the context of a corporation’s investment portfolio, uses risk-based techniques to identify and manage risk early and provides real-life conversational advice on how to improve success rates and ROI.
    This book will prove invaluable both to CIOs wishing to improve the returns on their IT project investment portfolio and to business executives who want to engage with IT to improve returns on capital.”
    Steve Ingram, CIO DBS and recipient of 2005 Technology in Banking Achievement Award (Asian Banker)
  • “JA’s publication is timely, given the importance and overall share of capital investment currently that IT constitutes for most companies.  Getting it right, or wrong, in terms of successful project management and implementation is a key determinant of companies’ overall competitiveness – especially in the current economic climate.”
    ~ Darryl Dickens, Head of Marketing, Hewlett-Packard Software and Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Only 7 % of all IT-project are delivered within time, budget and with the expected business value. The implications of this are huge! JA Flinn says that it is clear which projects will fail or be successful from the start. Base on long experience she has developed a recipe to diagnose and lift project results. With the 8-Fold Path to Project Success it is possible to evaluate what risks that might contribute to failure and what factors that can help success. She provides diagnostic structures and checklists. The core message is the importance of the human factor – how to engage and provide the right conditions for the people involved.
    It is a hands-on guide filled with real life examples. A great book written with humor. It is a must for anyone planning to start any type of project. Read it and your success rate will increase!
    Margareta Barchan, Founder and Director of Celemi International and Senior Partner New Angles
  • Brilliant. A compendium of good sense, practical wisdom and useful techniques – it comes in bite-size chunks that enable the harassed project manager to chase down ideas for a specific problem or dip in for inspiration.”
    Chris Sauer, Fellow in Information Management, Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • “JA speaks with a wisdom gained from many years of wishing for the best but preparing for the worst on complex IT and Business Change Initiatives. Results risk management is critical. Anything that can be done to improve the probability of success of your IT projects is worthwhile doing, so start with reading this book!”
    Mark Bryant, Partner, Infosys UK
  • Flinn creates a mix of very practical, realistic and performance driven solutions by combining her IT experience with the wisdom of timeless principles. Her lively, probing, authentic style is consistent with her view of seeing these complex systems as ecological living organisms where people and systems integrate in a natural way.
    Professor Peter Robertson, author ‘Always Change a Winning Team’, Founder, Human Insight
  • “Flinn distills a complex topic into a clear usable approach for leaders to achieve real success by significantly improving project portfolio returns, and shows leaders how to avoid the staggering project failure rates which is common today. Flinn’s latest publication is a real winner”
    Susan Breniman,  Director Regional Supply Chain Asia Pacific, Johnson and Johnson
  • “Once again we are sitting round a table scratching our heads wondering why all the things we had spent so much time planning completely failed to materialise! JA explains with great clarity why project implementation and benefits realisation is an art and needs the right combination of people, processes and planning to succeed”
    Arvind Mathur, Partner, Hiedricks and Struggles
  • I have met JA in exotic locations and have been impressed by JA’s skills, knowledge, love for life, love for travel and the book that she has produced. I have been a business coach for most of my business life and it this capacity I have worked with many, many business. The book that JA has written gives amazing business tools. Well done!
    I make it an important step in the education of my clients to read and master JA’s book!
    Martin Jimmink, Master Coach, Action International Business Coaches

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    Before finalizing anything, it’s important to determine what the project would bring in for the organization. Based on the return on investment percentage that a project is likely to bring, professional commitments should be made. In a nutshell, a project or a business development assignment must be justified from every aspect.

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